If I can use a 2009-2011 4.0 engine what Needs to be change to make it work

automatic Windows control stopped working after somebody broke the button.

Anything requiring electrical power is not working; power windows, doors, radio, a/c, liftgait, etc. Can turn the car on and drive but no electrical. First time this happened.

It will start but not off to release key.

Went in for an oil change, air filter and clean fuel intake. When I tried to leave the radiator emptied itself on to the ground.
They say coincident. There was no leak prior

One of my low beam headlights is out. Changed the bulb but that's not the problem. I checked and there is no power going to the one light. The other low beam and high beams all work. Can anyone help? Thanks so much

The gate is closed, but the dome lights remain on and the word "gate" is displayed in the dash. After parked the lights eventually go off.

I started the car with the remote starter then accidentally hit button again. It stopped. But now it will not start.

The windshield wipers keep going on and off and the dash board light are going on and off and singing seems to run ok...its going crazy

Is my tire pressure too high at 38 lbs cold?

Is my tire pressure too high?