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Started van, smoke came out from under the hood and check engine light came on

So my van won't start at all, manually or by remote sometimes. Sometimes it cranks but takes a minute to start. Sometimes it won't start at all unless I charge the battery. I also have to leave my key in the ignition in order for the remote start to work when the battery is charged. It's becoming a huge pain!

Squeaking under hood diagnosed as lifter noise

Just had a rack and pinion done and both outer tyrods started making popping day I got it back

The heater blows full blast all the time

van makes nosies when you change the gear from park to reverse and when you change gear to drive makes a popping sound

My van had been having something like transmission slips that my van would stall while trying to move; then this weekend it just won't move in drive or kept sliding backwards. The fluid was almost completely empty about 2 months ago so that shouldn't be an issue. Any advice on what to check??

You hit the button and it is supposed to flash and another ther light comes on under where you should put the dvd. It flashes but the second light won't come on and it won't suck in the dvd

van vibrates when you get to 50-55mph and when going in a curve and up hill at times. Not in steering wheel but in floor.

at 50-55 mph and sometimes when pulling or going in a curve.

Where is the crank shaft located and how do you replace it for a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country

If you have your oil changed at valvoline, their data system instructs them to use 5w 30. (And then they do the top off's with 5w 20 :(. Just went to full synthetic oil, with high hopes.

I have 2007 Chrysler, Town & Country, 3.8 litters.
A week ago all of a sudden it just WOULDN’T START!
The lights on the dash are all on, everything is working fine.
I turn the key and nothing but a relay clicking. The relays click normally too.
The codes it would give were:
For the Ambient Air sensor (P0073 Circuit High)
And the Throttle Position sensor (P0123 High Input).
I have changed TPS, no change. I have changed TIPM, no change.
Is the ECM the next logical suspect?