it has to spinabout 10 seconds before starting and then wont go over 2200 rpm replaced plugs wires coil pak crank sensor It started ding this after we had 8 inches of rain in one day Also gas milage went to pits. wonder if it could be the computer

I have had parts replaced many times, but there is always more to do.

This happened randomly, not because of the button. up down up down. Like it is possessed.

It occured after owning it for a few years., less than 10 years. It's pretty rusty.

Is this abs problem?

I have to press the passenger door locks down manually.

just replace my fuel pump and filter van ran for six hours got home turn it off and got up in the moring to go some where and it won't start it acted like it's not getting any fuel.

T&C ran hot yesterday & died. Sat for hours added water was able to drive 10 miles to home then died again. Smoking really bad?? Which way do I start trying to fix it.

My Mechanic on the first visit charged me for Spark plugs and wires. Did not fix the problem. 2nd visit I was charged for Fuel injector. Did not fix the problem. 3rd visit replaced coils.. Still did not fix. I am frustrated. Is this mechanic doing their job? It has 186,000 miles and I already invested $700 and still the problem is there. I am unable to smog. Any recommendations? I feel the jerking action when accerlating. I also smell gas?

found the puddle under the vehicle after my mother said it was not wanting to turn left or right so checking the reservoir it was empty I added more until a drip came about while the motor was running

When the rocker switch is in the Defrost/Wiper position. The wiper functions but the Defrost doesn't appear to operate OR its terribly SLOW... if at all. Fuse 'appears' OK.

sounds like driving on wash board.

just started the other day. someone said I might need ignition switch. I am a widow..have no one to help or be honest with me when I take it to a car dealership.