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Put transmission in drive and it engages then acts like it's in neutral. Does this two or three times after first start and then fine for rest of day after. Worse in cold weather. Fluid is at least three years old.
Not sure how to remove the little panel the switch is in, or if I need to remove the whole door panel. Pretty sure it's just a bad switch.
Sometimes dies as soon as I start it, or at stops. Scares me bc no one can figure it out and I drive my 4 kids in this every day. Dashboard gauges sometimes go nuts. Everything we can think of has been replaced... C...
run scan came up 301 misfire number 1 cylinder checked plug wire
I have a 2003 town country on and after a few minutes turns off start only after several attempts the panel has power and lights
I can fill the gas tank up and drive about 80 miles the gas hand goes down till I stop driving and cut the vehicle and start it back up the gas hand goes all the way back to full
Then as I drive sometimes it doesnt shift right and also when I turn on my head lights and heat the car acts real bad ! I took it in to three shops no one knows whats wrong with it it sat a whole week at the laat plac...
This happens every time I start off from a stop it jumps like three times then ok.
I was told I had a bad PCM. I pulled off the top connector and when I put the key in "on" positon, the fuse blows. When I disconnect the lower connector with the top one installed, the motor turns over but won't star...
Starts fine. Problem is that while driving and press the gas, it does a jerkey put put and mini backfires. I replaced the fuel filter.The check engine light comes on once in a while. It has gone back off since changin...
My key won't turn the ignition. My husband cleaned the ignition & it worked for a few days. I'm going to buy an ignition today but we have no idea how to program the key.