2003 Chrysler Town & Country Questions

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How do i get hood open

It will start and run good for a couple of days and then just stop cranking the engine over I've replaced the starter and still having the same problem

Oil leak has been going on for a while Even after having a new pan and gasket put on it still drips constantly. New issue just started, vehicle shudders at low speed. I allowed the vehicle to warm up for 20 minutes prior to jumping in, then was startled by a quick paced shudder almost similar to that of a flat tire feeling but as if it were coming from the engine. This only seemed to happened when initially giving it gas. I drove it around the block to see if it passed, it continued but at a lessor degree o once above 40. Then as I sat with it running in park I noticed little power surges. The rpm gage would jump just a little and the lights on the dash would dimmer. Now what could this be? Please don't say transmission.

thermostate has been changed, radetor cap has been changed,

Loosing antifreeze spraying all over motor does not overheat tried stop leak

side and also the van makes a low wooping noise

noise when ever I drive it

The mechanical rear doors shutter when they open and close. What can I do to make them open and close more smoothly?

My car is misfiring and I would like to know if it is time to change the spark plugs.

I just got new tires and the error message is now appearing each time I start the car. How do I make it go away?

There appears to be a wet spot on the passenger side floor board and the smell of coolant after driving a distance, but no noticeable leaks after being parked in the garage. It is often down about a gallon every 100 miles.

replaced the MAP and TPS sensor which was popping the check engine light on.

Car turns on and runs fine. No engine light. Just won't accelerate. Was driving and it started revving and jerkng and could not get any acceleration. Turned car off and started it and hit the gas did not get pass 5mph and car then stopped moving but kept revving as I hit the gas.Any ideas as to the problem? Was told it could be that the accelerator cable broke. Do not know where to find cable to tell if it is broken.

key turns on all power but will not crank. jumped starter and will crank but still wont start ??? what next to try ?