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I have a noise from the left side of my front axle that gets louder as I go faster . No grinding but a roaring sound like fan or car not going into overdrive. But tranny is working fine ???
Instrument cluster lights went out (all instruments work). Traced problem to BCM - no voltage on Pin #11 on Connector 4. Otherwise everything else works. Is it possible for me to open the BCM and make any repair to...
would i be able to just replace pcm with a used one from the recycling yard?
key has a chip in it had it made for my 2002 town and country mini van but it will crank then shut off why?
I'm getting code P0700 and code p0720. I was told its the output speed sensor and I need to know where this is located on my van
door will not slide open manually
Everything still works as it should but with all the miles I have no check engine light no leaks its had nothing done to it for the last 75000 miles except a battery. The problem is when I drive it the check engine li...
went to have computer reset after putting in new tcm and they said there was no power going to tcm