Appears to be coming from fuel filter.

In my van and within 2 hrs im completely empty. I just drained and refilled my transmission fluid. Also replaced the gasket. That was 3months ago, now all the sudden within 1 1/2 days im having severe leakage

It doesn't turn on but if we let rest for a while I'll turn back on do you have any suggestions

I just got an oil change added new transmission fluid to the old fluid got a new air filter new battery new alternator and my car was on e and when I was getting off the i it cut off i filled up drove around for about 45 got back off the and at the light when I stopped it cut off. What could it be. Oh it instantly. Starts back up.

Water pump is linking fluid... Badly

passenger door lock don't work at all?

The ignition coil has no spark what do I look for

Ive changed the map sensor o2 sensor oxygen senser and the egr valve set up can u help me figure this out

Now die when is on driving don't want to start.

I yanked out my auxiliary cord through the outlet on accident while getting out the car. Does it mean I blew a fuse?

I feel that the key has lost communication with the anti-theft control. any chance a new key would fix it? please? The red light is constant but all dash lights and auxillary functions work. it just wont start. please, any help is great