Horrible metal sound but brakes stop ok

I have a new fuel pump and was told that the fuel pump relay might have went out

Or could you tell me what to do next

I have tried everything I don't have a remote

I have the factory alarm going off and can't get it to stop

Problem is intermentant chime starts a few seconds after ignition.

Window wouldn't move and when it did move it totally went all the way down and now will not go up at all

My husband has a car in Europe and we are trying to find an oil pressure switch for his car. Every one we buy and send over DOESN'T"T FIT!!!! HELP I have the original picture of the switch where can i get one ASAP ?

I have a town and country minivan thats making realy bad noise and i would like and get advise from somoene i recently remove the oil filter and started it and there was no much oil coming out then i removed the oil pan and there was shreds of metal. Somebody toll me that its my oil pump that there wasent enought pressure so what should i do replace the engine or should i replace the oil pump because my minivan still runs and everything sounds good exccep for the knocking sound

Car sat idle in winter for a few months. The battery died. Changed the battery but immediately the security alarm (horn) keeps blasting and the starter won't engage.

when i start my van when its cold it pours 1/2 to 3/4 quart of fluid but doesnt do this the rest of the day or if warm