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My van has two sperate problems. 1 was the hear only worked on high. To fox this I replaced the a/c heat resistor under the hood on the driver side that goes through the firewall. The 2nd problem is the clicking under...
Everything has been checked ..diagnostic done nothing is found to be wrong. The throttle body has been cleaned, crankshaft sensor replaced. I'm at my wits end because it's getting dangerous now to drive. Help
Will shift then w no prob put a shift sensor in now won't shift at all any ideas?
Check engine light is on still after replacing Camshaft sensor.
checked all fuses and replaced the crank position sensor and the coil pack but the car still won't fire. 1996 3.8 6cyl The car ran as normal; parked the car and shut the engine off. An hour later, got in and turned t...
The engine still will not fire. What can I do now?
i think its the blower motor but im not sure, worked grate then just stopped. would it be a relay?
new engine sensors, fuel injectors, fuel pump,catalytic converter.when temp is under 60 degrees you have to push gas to floor. and you have to use gas pedal to keep it running until it gets to about 105 then runs pe...
yesterday and i cant seem to find the fuse for that unless its named under something else
On my emission test report says that I need the drive cycle?