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What could be causing this swerving when going around a corner, feels like you might go off the road?
One day, as I drove along, the engine died. I let it rest for a few minutes and it started right up. It happened again a few minutes later..same thing. After that, it ran all day with no problem. Starting it up col...
While driving, the ABS light came on, there was a thud, then the dash lights, head lights went out, emergency lights wouldn't work, call stalled wouldn't restart. It was as if the battery suddenly had no power.
it still runs great and transmission shift good but it consume more fuel almost 3 times than before, the car is diagonised as OBD 1. Pls help. ANDY
There is a severe oil leak under the car. I put a quart of bars stop leak in the engine. will this stop an oil leak if it's coming from the oil pump? I'm not sure where the leak is coming from.
What is the cost to replace a transmission for a 1994 chrysler town and country van. Also what would be the cost for labor to do it. Would it be better to have the existing transmission rebuild as opposed to having i...
Rain water leaks in on the drivers side next to the door, under the carpet. It leaks in when parked or driving. WE live near the rainforest, so lots of rain. I was told a drain was clogged. Where do I find the drain?
My dash lights or my interio are not working and I can not figure out why. Can anyone help?
how do I turn the fan off & on to test this unit?
My van was running and I turned it off at night. The next morning it started but it did not want to keep running. It will start but it will not keep running. The code i have is 3255
The "door" delivering air to the upper and center does'nt always open. If I turn the fan off then on,this usually solves the problem-but sometimes it takes several tries?