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Been trying for years to get rid of the odor. Who can help and what to buy?
Went to the mechanic today to get a sensor replaced for my oil needed indicator. He forgot the flashlight under the hood, it fell on the ground while I was driving with a big "ca-thunk". 40 minutes later, I stop at ...
rear hatch will not open
what is alled hatch switch pad called
What is the suggested way to test/remove it?
cant find the dam thing
After every rain I have to replace the tail light bulbs because they get wet and burst. When I open the tail light assembly it is holding water. I tried drilling drain holes in the assembly but it did not work.
Keep turning and eventually it will crank and start. Then the cycle will repeat. Sometimes it will start normally 2 -3 times in a row then nothing again.
battery runs down after two or more days of not driving...replaced battery twice so far in a year...still doing it....dealership says there is a slow trickle off the battery when car is shut off....can this be fixed???
My car is VERY sluggish when I accelerate. Once when I pushed it to see what would happen: I pushed down on the gas pedal & it didn't go faster right away as it shoyld. After going maybe 5 miles there is a smell like ...
Seems like everyone wants to sell me a time belt and water pump. Manual says 90 to 102 K. Any suggestions.
It happened right after I hit a pot hole. I took it to my normal shop and they could not find the reason for it. They checked all of the sensors and even used a diagnostic computer to look for error messages and coul...