2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser Questions

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Charge battery and fan kicks on immediately when battery is reconnected and before key is in ignition.

This problem just started

Manual transmission. I can't find any leaks.

The engine light comes on and the car acts like the fuel injectors are not working. I have tighten the fuel cap up and the car runs with the engine light going off. This occurs periodically

With a yellow cap it says on the top special engine a hose is running somewhere in the front are there that engine the oil I don't know what is that container please..

A recent repair had my car battery disconnected for a long time and now car is fixed but key fob for remote door locks doesn't work It's NOT the fob battery and I don't have a spare fob either. Can anyone help with how to reset or IF I can? Thanks, Steve in San Diego

Ignition key fob has lock/unlock/panic buttons. Ater repair of a few days the remote doesn't work. I don't think it's the battery as it was fine before.

had it tested they said that the 3rd cylinder is misfiring what could be the cause ?

Everything on dash goes off and car decelerates. First time turn key to start it has no effect. Second time starts right up like nothing is wrong. Just started doing this yesterday. No problems at all prior

I had my dead battery replaced and now the auto locks, A/C, and Radio don't work?

The keypad will sound the horn like I'm locking my doors but the locks don't move, they have to be manually put down or opened with key.

The A/C blows hot air.

And there is no power to the radio at all.

How do we fix this??

do you have to reset the code after part is replaced?