car did want to crank when driving started jurking

my pt turbo convertible cruiser is 2005 having oil fight come on the oil is full and has just been changed.
then it will go off during my drive. then when this was happening going up a mountain a beeping signal would beep somedtimes one time and sometimes 3 times straight. then after a visit of several hours with mom, we went down the mountain and it did not beep neither did the light come on the entire drive. now, the car had not been driven for a couple of weeks. could that present a problem? Please if anyone knows I would appreciate an email from them and th

Orig code po700 po882 from autozone drive home then no start! Dealer doesn't know prob! I need my car and now out of $ any help would be appreciated!!!! Can jump starter it turns over still car no start

What has caused this? Now where to I look?? It's a dead cat now :(

While driving check engine light comes on and all gauges drop to zero before it stalls. I'm getting a code u155

Everytime I slow to a stop it stales when restarting it squeeze but takes 3 times to start. Runs great when driving but as soon as I stop stales. New battery new plugs. Nothing works. When put on machine to see problem nothing comes up
No problems at all. Wont pass emissions test.

This morning woke up to go to work I put the key in my pt cruiser 2.4 turbo and it didn't wanna start keys just turns but does not make any starting sound it just turns but won't start

I have a 2005 PTCRUISER with approx.57,000 miles. When I try to crank I get clicking like bad battery but then it cranks. Acts like weak battery. Had battery checked at parts store and said results were "BATTERY MEETS OR EXCEEDS INDUSTRY SPECIFICATIONS BUT LOW ON CHARGE."RESULTS :GOOD-RECHARGE VOLTAGE-12.56V MEASURED- 453CCA RATED-500CCA. When it does crank I let it run(charge) for approx.20 minutes. After it sits about 1 hour I have the same problem ! Posts have been cleaned thoroughly. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Power steering reservoir is level as full.

in the left key turn it works

OK I bought new battery just replaced alternator few months ago (not ruling this out just saying) anyways when I am on the interstate early morning (dark out) going 70mph my battery light comes on I'll pull over asap and shut the car off myself wait about ten seconds and restart car battery light is off and I'll drive about ten miles and battery light comes on again and I repeat it. What could cause this? If alternator how is it my battery is getting charged to restart doesn't make sense to me please help. 05 crappy Chrysler pt cruiser

The weather is now below 35 in NC. My hatch releases by itself but remains closed. In a warm garage, it stays shut. Of course the panel light tells me it's open and the interior lights come on. We sprayed WD40. Anything else we could try on our own?