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happened yesterday "someone" said" they thought it was the fuel pump. I don't have a whole lot more money left, as I just bought the car used for her. so I am trying to get an estimate of what were looking at if it is...
Then my check light came on. Had to replace transmission. I replaced it but its still doing the same thing. Took it to 4 different mechanics they can't find nothing wrong with my PT Cruiser.
had to change timing chain, the new aftermarket tensioner has a week spring is this a hydrolic unit? i left the old one in cause it was so much stronger than the new one
Replaced o2 sensors 3 times. Replaced cam sensor. Cleaned throttle body. Still runs rough and stalls @ low speeds. Runs good fast. Replaced plugs and head gasket. Same code always comes up and won't erase. Will occasi...