Car sputter then cut off it runs sometimes then stops also notice when its very hot outside it starts then shut right off then hard to crank

Car is over heating because coolant fan doesn't come on. Air conditioner not working. Checked plugs fuses all are good.

Can't reach the bottom port from the top

Every time I hit a bump it sounds like the front end is coming out from under it .that is the only time it does this . THANKS TIM

This has been happening for a week now. Speed doesn't seem to make a difference.

Lost keys. Locksmith replaced.Car stared then died, he ? and then it worked. Drove and fine. Next day out of gas, I thought. filled up $10.00. Then noticed none of cluster gauges working. Went to locksmith couldn't help. Almost three weeks later went to Chrysler {Limited income}. Service person stated too busy..make appt. But will check jf just needs new key. Bought new key..It didn't work made appt. On the way home the cluster came on four times and went out. Took back, after two hours of block time ..burned out cluster. Could not tell where or how and needed a new one. Can't fix the old one, because don't know where? Cost with new key 115.00 +labor260.00+New cluster700.00 tx ? So Help

Map sensor, total tune up..still won't start turns over good new battery..WHATS WRONG ?????

many times the oil light will stay on after driving distance. i am losing oil fluid somewhere and i have had oil changed twice

code PO 456

relay switch. so, it almost turned over, but it didn't and the check enjine light stays on,can you give me any other suggestions Thank You in Advance!

Motor,checked relays,No smoke or sweet smell from exauhst,only loosing coolant from overflow (It appears) No heat when heater is turned on & was told water pump & belt were replaced! Used K&W in case bad gasket or cracked block,No change,still overheating! If pump was replaced, could the teeth be off by one & cause this?