2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser Questions

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I changed the crankshaft sensor and I turn the key and nothing i charged battery over nightand still no lights and won't crank is it a bad battery

Over heating,while idling.Fan doesn't come on.

Could start car and take key out while it was running and now the key is stuck to the on position and feels free wont turn off lucky it is a standard but does it need new tumblers or the entire ignition switch please help

i was going about 20mph when i heard a rattling sound coming from the engine, by the time i got my window down to listen better , the motor shut off.

I can't see how the connector is attached/locked on and I don't want to break it by pulling hard.

When I am at a stop, there is always some part of the car that is vibrating very loudly, but stops as soon as I apply gas. Why?

When I slow my car, it sounds like birds, it kind of squeaks the more I brake. Why?

When I put the key to accessory to just listen to the radio, the check engine light comes on, however I dont think heres anything terrible wrong with the engine. Why does this happen?

What is fair estimate on a transmission mount replacement too?

It's been overheating only when it's on and sits for awhile. We put a new radiator In it. Last time it overheated we shut it off and when we went to turn it back on it would want to start but won't fire. What things could it be?

Just started problem yesterday. I had to put turn signal on to make fog lights go off and not drain my battery.

The parking lights on my PT cruiser suddenly came on while driving today. They will not go off. How do I get them to turn off?

Last week I blew a head gasket, my carlot fixed the head gasket. I just got my car back a few hours ago and now it's idling real low and almost wants to stall. Idk y it is doing this. Before the head gasket blew it ran great. Now it takes a arm and a leg to keep it from dying. What could be wrong? And about how much am I looking at to fix it?

Drove the car in the morning went to leave a little later and won't start have power for doors and lights car dings when key is in the ignition tried jumping it put brand new battery in and still won't start