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I was driving about 50mph and then rpm started jumping from 1 to 1 1/2 extremely fast and then died. It won't start up. It also turns over really fast like there isn't alot of commpretion. What do you think it is?
I was driving about 50 mph and rpm gauge suddenly started bouncing between 1 and 1 1/2 and then died. I couldn't get it to start back up and when I tryed to it sounded like it had a lot less compression. No codes were...
It does not mater what the temperature control is set on or the temp the auto control is set on it just blows cold air.
No bad codes. When you put car in park, the indicator light shows R. Always starts when cold; after engine warms up and it is turned off, key ignition doesn't engage starter. All other electrical components work wit...
many of the third brake light bulbs are not lighting up I need to replace to pass uk MOT
My serpentine belt slipped off all the wheels; I re-attached the belt on the wheels according to the diagram . THe Tensioner wheel moves ,but none of the other wheels don't . And the Alternator is not charging my batt...
hesitant during acceleration, when idling during stop sounds like it wants to stall
New spark plug and coil installed. Also new crankshaft position sensor. Cyl. compression is OK (12,5 kg as in the neighboring cyl.1). Fuel injectors replaced, spark plug is wet (fuel is comming). The diod connected to...
replacing the input/output transmission speed sensor
this car has a loose shaft coming out of the transaxle, right side, it looks like there should be a bearing that pushes into the trans. body, around the shaft, ever hear of anything like this?
What type of oil should I use. The reason I ask is I had the oil changed about 2 weeks ago and it has been missing when idle or picking up speed. Can you tell me could the wrong oil cause this.