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hi. my car takes off for moments ( during driving) and wizard " battery saving mode" appears at the monitor but immediately engine begins operation and wizard removes.
radiator fan dose not operate until 108*c and off at 1048
Brand new car pulled into a brushless carwash and the word "clean" appeared on dashboard, went out after a bit and then later in the day it reappeared again for a short while. Does it have something to do with the car...
The remote start beeps but the car won't start Also won't start when I'm in the car
had to push car and went to put car in neutral and I cant unless the car is running. Their has to be a way to shift car in neutral while car is turned off
I've only had my car for two weeks and my drivers side heated seats are trying to roast me from time to time. I took it back to the dealer and I'm yet waiting to hear what the problem is. Hopefully they won't try to c...