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As I browsed the web looking for a new vehicle I came across a 2010 Chrysler 300 for a good price. The only problem is the engine and service lights don't come on! How would I be able to fix this problem and how much ...
light stay on will not let me shift unless I press break down
unless I press the break before I turn the car on
Car runs fine under 2500 rpms. Can;t figure out why cam semsor is grounding itself out when I put it back in place or how to repair it.
The air direction will change but the fan stays on high and blows full heat no matter what you set the temp at. What can I do?
On two occasions when trying to start it it repeatedly stalls out and makes a loud bad belt type sound etc. I took it in both times and they hooked it to the computer...nothing showed up. Our mechanic checked it out a...
Have changed oil every 3-4k miles; dealer told me noise due to using Jiffy Lube and non-Mopar oil filter. Will not cover work with warranty...any recalls known?
None of the buttons on my key fob work (doors, remote start, etc..) however the keyless entry and keyless start still works. My other key fob works fine.