Wipers not working and the relay I would like to change out but it's 6 different ones that are all the same relays just does different jobs for the car.

but doesnt fire.I have been told that it is sooting up.I have to use easy start then get the engine really hot to burn off carbon then its ok for couple of months.Can anyone tell me how to sort out this problem long term

Do u turn on the air-condition button

My car wont shift out in drive code is 91745 some senior on transmission has red floif and its full caint go over 45 mph and thats hard on the motori have a 2007 2.7 chrystler 300 will the transmission fit this 3.7 chrystler?

Runs good just caint drive over 45 mph can i fix it my self

need to repair replace horns on my 300

Anti skid light on engine wot accelerate

Like it losing pressure, i changed thermostat, and water pump, yet still acts funny. Fyi. I blew fusees while touching wrong battery post

Now the engine light is on

Was driving on the road, changed lanes and pressed on gas to pick up speed and all of a sudden nothing. Car was still on, tried giving it gas and car wouldn't drive, the rpm was going up while I was giving it gas and still no movement, felt like it was in neutral. Car has been periodically maintained, miles is at 281,000, majority of miles is highway and this is the first major problem. I took it into aamco and below is what they stated:
Our initial vehicle check revealed that the transmission fluid level is OK and the condition is varnish with the burnt odor. test drive revealed no movement front or rear, noted bearing and pump whine present coming from transmission, noted no line pressure during testing a computer scan revealed following code PO716 input speed sensor circuit PO721 output speed sensor circuit, recommend tear down

Are they about right to do a tear down and replace soft parts (that's what they called it) or is it just speed censor circuits?

When i tried to start the engine, the car would not crank. I switched the fuses around and it started up. Each time I try to start up ar it will not crank