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While driving the check oil light came on and the car shut off. Any idea how I can fix this? It wont start up at all.
My car wont start..its not the battery. I cant put my windows up but the lights and horn works. I've tried resetting the security by unhooking the battery and still nothing. When I turn the key it does nothing
i turned the car off restarted it and drove home didn't come back on.the first time it has happen.
headlight too high
Whe i press the gas pedal i geta guick burst and then sometimes i get a high idle i went and bought a acceloratetor sensor and pedal an that didnt work the check engine light not coming on just the electronic throttle...
Changed the battery and now the remote start won't work,remote door lock,unlock doesn't work.Actually nothing on the remote key works and on the windows the auto down works but the auto up does not.
Changed my spark plugs, now my engine light won't go off. Used OEM spark plugs and gapped them at .50.
Every morning at start up after 1 to 2 mins of running check engine light and ETC lights come on. Can allow unit to run for a few minutes then shut off and attempt to restart but unit will then crank but not start. Af...