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The other day when we were having a bad storm, my husband I needed to go to the grocery store. By the time we left there were what looked like flood waters everywhere, but we didn't think it was that deep. So, we drov...
How do you replace the Grill on a 2007 Chrysler 300?
In the highway it always turns off
It was hit hard enough to push my car forward about 5 inches, by a much lighter car, leaving black burn out marks. I had it towed to my nearest dealer. After having the car for over a month, they could not find the ...
This happened last week, just won't close, installed used motor, still won't open
My Chrysler 300, passenger window won't open, put used part motor, still won't open, this just happened last week.all other windows work ok.
My Chrysler 300 is having issues of being left on, when the outer indicator ring is pointed to the off position. I have to jump my battery frequently. I was reading an email message where this is a recall item. Is thi...
Took car in for smog check, for my renewal tags,and that was what the machine read.