1992 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 Questions

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side of fuel injectors

The heater and AC wont work. The fan blows but only reg air. No compressor turns on. Also the vent is open 24/7 and in the summer the hot air comes thru. I had a part replaced long ago that regulates the valve to open and close the venting but it still happens. Help Im a single mom with no money. Thanks

My courtesy light fuse keeps melting in the fuse box! What could be the problem with this?

I have had powersteering leaking for a long time but now I have way too much play in the steering wheel along with alot of shaking from the front end as driving. My breaks also lock up on me when it is cold or raining, never when it is hot. I can see the leak spots on the ground and also inside the engine there is alot of fluid. I am a single mom who does not know at all what to do and has little money to do anything. please help me. Kim

I ask you for a question a few week ago.I brakes have gotten a little better but I notice that under my hood
that I have no brake booster, That my brake master is hook up with my power steering. Why is that?

It started back in 2009. My brakes pedal would go almost to
the floor, It will still stop mt truck. But not as fast as it did.

Cost of the repair and Labor for this job.

Was every 1992 Suburban 2500 a IFS front axle? Or were there some 1992 2500 Suburbans that had a solid axle?