This is an intermittent problem but is increasing in frequency. Truck has 200K in miles. My research on-line yields mostly speed sensors may be dirty or need replacement in from wheels.

every time you start it every anywhere i start my vehicle

New thermostat, reservoir very full, heater blows cold. It overheats in 5 minutes @ 2k rpm rev. Both radiator hoses are hot. I don't know what the next step is.

ABS light be on when driving and sometimes it goes off for a little while and right back on

could it be heater cores on front and back

When I put it into drive it won't move or sometimes it will but not like it should

first time this has ever happened. battery completely dead. was fully charged and showed no signs of weakening. tried getting a jump, engine struggled to turn over and all electrical dead. no lights,locks, windows. strange rapid clicking coming from fuse relays in engine compartment. jumping by bypassing the battery, lights came on but engine struggled to turn over. Then all electrical went completely dead, even with jumper cables still connected and other car running.

Had heads replaced due to a bad casting (castech heads) And they cracked by the headbolts. Picked the truck up and it misses like a bastard. I can't have the truck down for another week as it's our only vehicle and we have 3 school age kids. Any ideas?

Occurs only when engine warm/hot ,at idle in drive launching from a stop,this occurs consistently 0-4%tps p0300 was stored history, no other codes,no reduced eng.power.( this feels to me like a carburated engine with a bad accelerate pump or blocked off idle port) cleaned/ wiped throttle plate area appears normal and no change.no codes throw while road test even as condition occurs,I have a tech2 but no access to TIS . the RSS system is not op and several hard codes stored in that.air filt /intake appear norm.engine power underload thru hi way speeds are normal.

Just bought 2004 Suburban 1500, 143,000, well maintained, but won't start on first try. Many times it will start on the second or third try. We just replaced fuel filter, still doing same thing. Occasionally will start on first try but 90% of time it takes a second or third try and then it sputters like it may die out. What do I check next?

Took wiring harness apart and found melted black wire (ground?) connector. What do I do now? Both the male end and the female end are burned. I am a novice when it comes to car stuff...only figured it out by reading on forums and checking. Any help, as specifically as possible, is greatly appreciated. Thank you!