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only happends on overpasses or slow speeds and only when pulling trailer
I had to replace the entire light case due to water. Then I changed all the bulbs and it was fine for 2 days then one burnt out due to water again. So I changed the whole socket and now both don't work. I checked the ...
I just used the Suburban to pull a friend out of a mud they had managed to get stuck using 4wd low and now I am unable to switch out of it! I've tried 4wd high, 2wd & auto and all I get is blinking. It's definitely in...
My switch was not working on 1, 2 and 5 but now 3 and 4 aren't working either and I know it is the switch or the resistor but not sure how to check which one it is.
My transmission is getting hot when it tries to shift gears over 30 mph.
The dashboard lets me know that the transmission is hot but there is no diagnostic code for this problem. Also, it has difficulty changing into a higher gear going past 30 mph. Does this mean that Ihave to get a new t...
bran new battary fully charge, new starter replace, getting battary current to the starter(12 volts)the small wire no current from the key
Alternator, battery, and belt are good? It doesn't move at all.
Acts like it's starving for fuel and shifts at a higher rpm. High mileage. Sometimes will get better by disconnecting the battery for a minute.