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Will go down and up but stops before closing about an inch from the top.
I start the car but it does not move, nor makes any nose at all. I was going to try to see if it is a fuse but I am not sure which fuse it is. Can anyone let me know which fuse is it, and if it is located in the fuse...
I lost my owners manual. Illustrations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Drive shaft broke while wheels were spinning on ice. It fell out from underneath car.
sometimes it show correctly but most of the time it show empty with the need fuel light on. the car has 149,000 miles on it and the fuel pump was replaced at 130,000 miles
Current codes show P0171, P0174. Historical C0227, C0223, C0281. The idle goes up and down when sitting. Acceleration to the vehicle creates a staccato vibration. When the pedal is released it does not appear to vibra...
I can hear the transfer case shift but it never locks into 4 wheel. it goes into 4low but it's the same. the front wheels won't turn. sometimes it works fine. most of the time not.
Chevy suburban some times it back fires can't get it to shift and won't go over 25 when I start it in the morning black marks on the ground from starting it it don't do this all the time I'd I start the truck it will ...
where is the fuse for the temperature gauge located on a 2002 chevy suburban 1500 4x4 5.3 l ls
It only occurs above 2000, no noise at idle. It is a rough scratch to my ear and we have located it to possibly inside the front of the engine. I took a video to show my dad the noise and would happily share it with y...
A rebuilt transmission was put in last year. Also put on new tires. What is the most likely culprit? Out of balance tires? U Joints? Something else I'm missing? Thanks