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I read a lot complaints about DEF poor quality problems on many forums and same thing happened recently to my truck after 24k miles. There is any permanent fix to this frequently failing system since even repaired, is...
Smell of raw diesel wiffs into the cab every once in a month or so. A small bit of smoke sometimes from under hood. Then it vanishes away. Can never reproduce in shop. All clamps tightened and retightened. Has done ...
tank overflows a quart of fuel on ground.
work in oil field go down dirt road,getting alot of fine dust around intake port and throttle body
Wired a 7 way trailer plug in bed. when I turn on the right turn signal all the trailer lights flash. When tested with a circuit tester it all checks out fine. the original bumper plug works fine. Tried hookig it to a...
How much gain in HP & torque with a aftermarket dual exhaust system with X pipe vers the OEM exhaust system?
Where is the best place, or is there a vacuum port on the intake manifold? This is on a 2011 2500HD 6L engine.