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I was repairing the trailer light plug in the rear bumper I think it shorted. Because the chiming in the cab started going off then my battery went dead, because I had the lights on working on the trailer lights, ....
I used a TIMPKEN hub replacement part which comes with the new ABS sensor attached.
repair last 1yr and warranty is 1 yr, always seems to last just after warranty is up. for the last three yrs I have been taking to chevy dealer to fix. I don't want to go back to them....
only does this on cold mornings I bought a code reader says shift solenoid ok I replaced them they are all on one board and still I have this problem
At least every 30 days since I got truck used 3 years ago. Ive used expensive break pads, and yes i drive it about 300-500 miles per week, it is a service truck, but my 2001 same kind of truck i only replaced break p...
replaced starter,ign switch add ground to starter,tryed jumping but no crank
you can feel both hot and cold air, but does not blow out of vents no matter what speed is chosen
checked the fuses, tried unplugging the battery,
Is it ECM related, Or do I just replace it? What do I do to replace it? Thanks, Ken.