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We have tried to shut the vehicle off a few times..blower will still not shut off. We have opened the door and will still not shut off.
The paint is coming off the roof and bed in sheet when I wash the truck is this something Chevy should cover? A paint guy said that is from a poor sealer/primer so he has to strip all the paint off and start over.
The engine continues running after turning the key off. (it's not dieseling, it's continuing to run smoothly) It runs for about 20 - 40 seconds.
And ice cold ac out of the drivers side .what should I check or look for
Had a worn out box and leaky hydraboost so I replaced both. Flushed system with New Amsoil p/s fluid and now I have little to no power steering. At idle there is none. Changed the pump thinking I might of damaged it ...
worked off and on for awhile, now doesn't work at all
P0136 heated oxygen senson, no where on the web or the truck can I find the location of such a sensor, any thoughts?
If I dont start my truck every ywo days it drains my batterys the battery light is staying on when everything is off after u shut the truck off the dash light and radio play for 20 to 25 mins befor they shut off what ...
Four-wheel drive light in dash flickers intermittently and goes out for several minutes at a time while driving. It appears four-wheel drive remains engaged. This is an on the floor shifter. Often four-wheel drive ind...