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What could the problem be when I'm driving and the truck goes to 2000 rpm on its own and trys to stall. No engine light , no code to check. This happen off and on about a week apart. What is the problem
What about serpentine belt and tensioner pully? Thx
Is this a normal problem what do I need to do
Light blinks on two wheel drive will go out stays in 4 wheel
Ac appeared not functioning properly so turned off but them smell of electrical burning and white smoke was coming out rear ac vents so I immediately shut engine off. The smoke stopped and with ac off and 5min I drov...
Checked connector on rear of radio. It has a Bose system. Had a little Static for a minute and then radio stopped playing.
My 2500hd won't move.I was told the transfer case was bad because it was making a load clunking noise when in 4 wheel drive. Finally everything went out the truck won't move now in 2 wheel drive . any ideas
My truck says odometer error on it. I hooked up the computer to check the diagnostics on it and it said failed to read. So that didn't help either. Where it says fuel used is correct and the oil life reset. I just can...
Changed starter, battery fully charged, all dash lights illuminated normally. Installed the almost $300 part worked for two months. I got the same results. What else can I do to fix it.
My heater works fine on low fan speed, but when I put the fan on high it blows hot air for a short time then it starts to get cool. I can put it back on low fan speed and it gets hot again almost immediately. What w...
My chevy has the redused engine power. And also wont crank .. if i remove the relay cap on the stareter relay. I can crank it but it still wont start hep plz !!!! I have replaced the hole throttel body and wire harnes...