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I recently replaced the alternator with a OEM reman unit. Disconnected negative battery terms before installing, reconnected after. Voltage output looks good but I am now getting service engine light. Had to remove/re...
changed radio and had problem starting it but finally primmed it enough and it did. the next am nothing. what could it be?
you can't read the speedometer on the dash not working and then the truck shout down and says reduce power you can pull over and wait few minutes the it will crack back up something is going on with my truck thanks penny
I just bought the truck and I am trying to find out if there is any help on this injector problem
I need help trouble shooting a problem. I have an 03 duramax and when I'm in neutral and switch to either 2wd or 4wd and then put it in park it almost sounds like the truck surges for a second or two and then it's fin...
truck dies when throttle is released.
Sound onlyhappens in 4wdand coming from the rear end, does not happen in reverse. Cv joints and fluid is all ok?
We have replaced the control panel and now it is stuck on defrost. The only thing that you can adjust is the fan speed. Checked all fuses. What else could it be?
when applying brakes with lights on all rear lights dim out and when blinkers are used all lights blink dimly but very fast and when using the hazard they blink fast and dim