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i checked the fuses and still nothing pls help
th lights were working until i put a new stereo in and now nothing ive checked to make sure im not grounding out checked the fuses and they are all good not sure what to do now
most of my tools where just stolen so i'm down to the basic in tools,can I do any of the work myself?
I just got this truck with no Manuel.
Where can I find a reliable, legible diagram of my fuse box? The one on the fuse box cover doesn't tell me anything.
I recently changes fuel pump fuel filter air filter ignition switch nothing has helped now wont start at all
This problem started early this year and no other work has been done on it.
Truck will not start, acts like it is out of gas.
I recently changed the Hydro boost due to excessive power steering loss. I bled the Power steering and still no luck
Do they make a metal replacement for the black plastic nut that wont stay on my hub cap?
I thought is was the transmission sensor, but I was told since my truck periodically doesn't start, it could be the knock sensors.
what is the repair for this? what causes this issue?
This happens durning normal weather never when it rains. All the gages are good to go no brake smell or any thing wrong.
The truck runs great Have stop to see if any smoke or smell but nothing