2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Questions

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My mechanic feels since the power steering pump is only a year old, it is probably the steering/brake assist unit. I assume that is the hydro boost I have seen in searching. Does this seem to be a reasonable guess? It is not leaking and the belt/tensioner/ pump pulley all seem to be fine. Any tips on swap out and bleeding if I do replace it?

The truck started with it not idleing so i changed the fuel filter and it went away. Now it will idle up to 3000 rpms in park or neutral and about 1500 in gear even on the brake or not. I disconnected the battery and it went away for awhile. It pretty much runs high all the time now. Ive had other times it will idle down to 500 rpms and stall out too. Some times it will run fine when you first hop in but will act up in a short time. Any ideas?

There are two types and I need the right on.

I need to change my injector pump I would like to find instructions

We have replaced both front wheel hub assembly. Stil can not get the light to go off.