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Start truck,information panel reads service stabilitrack, service traction control, stabilitrack off,traction control off. Abs light,traction control light on lights stay on all the time,nothing else is wrong,truck r...
I noticed the problem when my friend pulled in the driveway. Its not there going down the tar road unless i hit a bump. With the truck parked I can rock the truck enough side to side pushing on the truck box to hear t...
Two pop ups occur when I start the truck. "Service Traction control" and "Service (something else)? Brakes seem to stutter once in a while at the end of stopping or taking off.
Some times the starter won't work unless I take the key out and reinsert it. The cruise works sometime and then disengages as if I stepped on the brake but won't work for a while. The remote start just quit one day an...
atf 6 is right level and has no power. trans. Temp 203 check engine light came on. Service was good drain filter out new one in add fluid no problems
Truck started then quit. I tracked it down to a blown fuse for the fuel system control module. I soon as i plug the new fuse in it blows too. Even with the igniton off.
My 2009 Silverado LT doesn't have the DIC controls. I am trying to turn on the remote start option. How do I do this without using the DIC controls?
Up or down at all motor runs when I push the switch but doesn't move. Anyone out give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.
Front universal fell out i put a new one back in and now the four wheels are locked out and my truck wont move does this mean the transmission is gone ?
Also my stabilitrack automatically turned off. Is this common in 4 low?
just started today, happened twice after running for aprox. 30 mins.