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Most of the time they are very low. Sometimes it works normal. Also seems to mess with the speakers on the drivers side. Help!
I have a 4.8L 2008 Silverado LS with approximately 145,000 miles. Recently it started revving high in 1st gear and would NOT shift until I let out of the throttle. It revvs between 3000 and 4500 rpm's before it shifts...
while at cruising speed I punch it and it revs to 5 grand before it shifts is it torque converter or a solenoid I don't know please help!
replaced the 60 amp fuse 3 times and passenger door switch once. problem still there. none of the 15 amp fuses are blown. need help
It coming from the starter but i do not if it coming from there
Changed the oil in my 2008 heavy Silverado with 60,000 miles that I only drove a thousand miles since I purchased it now I have no oil pressure and it rattles I changed the filter and the oil again and the oil pressu...
have to tap peddle 1-2 times to adjust it & brakes tighten & work better.need est.on brake job.rear brakes are drum.need reliable shop in n.o.,la.to fix it.
120lbs. comp. got spark but I pull plug out and its wet do I have a stuck injecter ?
gauges started going crazy. Door locks were going up and down at the same time. This went on for about 5 seconds. then the service traction control message came on along with the light, but only lasted a minute at the...
I also briefly pressure washed the engine afterward.
Door chime barely rings at all & the rear and door speakers do not work. Only the front dash speakers work. Happened suddenly. When the seat belt is not connected, you do not even hear the chime.