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When I turn the ignition off and open the door the radio and lights and dome stay on like key was in acc position tes.
I believe its the shift solenoid but am not getting any codes from comp. Should i replace it anyway. Thanks.
We changed the fuel filter. It has spark, good fuel pressure..It will start as long as you spray carb/choke cleaner. About at the end of the rope...anyone have any ideas?
Truck has a rough shift from first to second gear and happens more often when i ease into it rather than gunning it. Thought it might be shift solenoid but not sure any help would be greatly appreciated.
How much will it cost to have differential carrier bearings replaced?
I have changed the canister vent valve last week, but p0446 code has come back a few times since.
Not running it hard. Tires inflated correctly. Why not getting 17-19mpg? Plugs, maybe air filter...any thing else to check on this model?
I put a new battery and an alternator already