After remaining idle in the truck for a minute or two the cold air stops blowing in and it begins to feel more humid and hot than anything until I begin moving again the cold air kicks in again.

After filling up the gas tank as usual the next day the check engine light came on with message saying "tighten fuel cap" on the dash board. I did so and the message dosen't pop up anymore but light is still on.

After about 5 minutes the front of the truck starts to make a ticking sound but usually stops for the rest of the day after another 5 or 10 minutes.

Four wheel drive doesn't work don't disengage or engage module control panel where to find it made a clunk noise when I turned right I think it's stuck in 4 wheel drive to hot too low.

all gauges goes out and have problem with air

What would cause the pwr acc locks not have power to the fuse panel

Are they some fuse that I'm missing

have a 5.3L motor serial #XJB10XJBW983451315 and need to find out it I can use it in my '05 Silverado 1500

This is the second time changing the blower motor and blower resistor with parts bought from O'Reillys. I am unsure at this point if I need GM parts and if it would solve my problem. Currently in the mornings when starting my truck the fan will not kick in. After driving or letting the truck run for 10 minutes or more the fan will kick in and give me heat. It seems like with the colder temperatures this has become worse. I have replaced the blower motor, blower resistor, check for moisture, and I'm just puzzled.

So I bought this truck brand new off the lot never had to have work done to it expect oil change and tires. 98k miles , I was driving to school, got there and shut my truck off forgot to roll up my window went to start the truck and it made weird noises not normal dead battery noises didn't think much of it just dead battery gonna jump it after class and went back after class and it started back up no delay no problem what could this be?