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what's the cost to replace the AC compressor
04 Chevy 1500 4x4 I have 17x9 dropstar wheels on it but the truck has fender flairs. I want the wheels to stick out a little farther. Any suggestions such as wheel spacers? And how thick?
Have a 2004 chevy silverado about 18500 miles runs great an then all a sudden as you are goin down high way it starts to spit an spuder as if the fuel pump has gone out ? But after I let it set say hour it cranks up ...
Have driven it over 200 miles, last 3 sensors not completed message! Drove it at 3am while it was cold,highway drive, in town drive. Taking it back today,hopefully it will pass. Mechanic said truck is in great shape! ...
Replaced alternator 3 yrs ago, battery was checked,had to jump today, AAA said battery was fine
My truck has the 4.3 v6 engine and has rough idle with heavy exhaust at times and poor gas milage.
Truck purchased new. Installed new flowmaster soon after purchase. When flowmaster replaced with new single muffler and tailpipe, a strong vibration started coming into the brake pedal and up thru the dash. Hangers ar...
Can turn on heater for about 30 mins to a hour they will start working again can anyone please help. Humidity in air causes them to stop working ?