the truck has stardard non chip key, codes dont work , mechanic replaced wires in key chamber.

4.3 motor 179,000 miles. Can you give me several different reasons why my gas gauge is not working. Thanks a million. MT

When I accelerate the engine revs before I get to 40mph and when I turn slowly the truck just dies out ...pls help ..thnkz

2003 K1500 4WD
Vortec 5300
5.3 liter V8 Engine
Fuel Injection
Automatic 4 SPD
Electronic Trans Catalyst
Feedback Fuel System

Light bulbs not burnt out.

I have failed inspection because of evap monitor not ready have no light on, had replaced o2 sensor and disconnected battery but completed drive cycle after wards. since repair put on over 300 mile not ready still reads on evap monitor.

morning startup will start right up but very ruff idle rpm's up&down step accel up let off still ruff after engine warms up idle ok

Ive replaced
coil-ign crtl mod-cap & rotar
Plugs n wires-
cam shft sen
crank sensor-
mas flow sen
Fuel pump
After all that show po300 code...
Can some one enlighten me please

Engine trys to start but stops. Could the SRS be involved & how do I fix it?

I have had it checked by my son with a plug in under the left side of the dash. He says it is the e-vac system and that I could have a leak or a censer if faulty. Can you tell me a common fix to this or give me a little info so when I take it to a mechanic to have it checked and won't get my bank account raped.

Recently had rear rotors replaced and now I'm receiving a brake system error every time I drive at random times. ABS light comes on too. Technician looked at it again and couldn't find anything wrong. Now wants to charge me to investigate further. I'm calling BS because it never happened until they worked on the brakes. Any ideas?

I have a 2007 Cheverolet Silverado Truck. I bought it brand new from the dealer in 2007. I have had brakes all redone. The truck is super awesome and runs great. This tapping/knocking noise just started about 8 months ago and I notice that it happens in the mornings. I drive it for about 5 miles and the noise comes on. i then keep driving it another few miles and it goes away. It seems to be only then the engine is cold. I can hear it louder in the truck than outside. It is very annoying. My mechanic said I need oil but I just got a service and it has oil.It seems as it was connected to the AC gong off and on but I was told it is not. Not sure what it is but it needs to get fixed. Any answers on what this could be?