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Whats the best way to remove the heat shield to access the spark plugs and should they be re-installed after.
How due you remove heater hoses from heater coil at the fire wall
need to diconect heater hos fitings at firewall
My 2002 driver's side door won't shut. The latch seems like it's frozen. I've had them hang up on other vehicles and been able to push them up into their normal position. Howerver, this hasn't worked on this m model.
It will start but then die like starving for fuel then it would not start at all. Replaced the fuel filter and now it will start but die. There is fuel to the fuel rail. Could it be the fuel pressure regulator?
there is no abs light on now. code co265 co222 co281 were stored.the brake pedal goes to the floor like a bad master cyl.
My truck has always gotten around 15 mpg driving in the city. A couple of months ago I took my truck in to see why the check engine light had been coming on lately and the computer said my truck was running too rich. ...
I want to buy new headers but the headers I want say they will fit if it has no EGR. How do I know if my truck has one?
My tag light and tail light on one side dont work. does not have power. Could this be in the tail light juction block under the rear of the bed?
How do I insert C clip into universal joint
replace trans & torque converter
I have codes P1071 and P1074 it says lean on bank1 and bank2.what is the problem. Ihave replaced the fuel filter,checked for vacum leaks also fuel pump sounds good
cap and rotor change solved problem for 60 days
I have a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado when i sometime start up i hear a tapping noise about 30 to 45 seconds after the engine is running , the noise usually last a few seconds then it's gone the engine has 72,000 miles i...
I started getting a low coolant light come on. I added coolant and two weeks later it came on again. It happened two more times about two weeks apart again. In the mean time my oil pressure gauge started to kinda vibr...