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Is there any benefit to installing a lower temp thermostat in the summer time when temps get into the 90's?
Will a mass air flow sensor cause the engine to detonate when the outside air temp gets hot (above 85)
how much to replace the transfer case
I have 02 silverado that needed rear shocks replacement.can you please tell me other than shocks what other part is required to change shocks. someone told me bump stops or bumpers. that cost $70 it need to be replace...
whats the best way install a new heater core. does the dash need to come out or can i get to it from just removing the glove box. any help would be great.
Can somebody help me. I don't know if I need to change the post 02 sensor or the cat. This code did not pop up until I did a tune up????
Truck will run for about 35 to 40 seconds after starts then dies. Upon restart the same thing happens unless you override the dying by accelrating. Will not continue to run on its own. Have replaced spark plugs and...
While looking at the fire wall and the hoses running to the heater core, can someone tell me what hose is coolant entering the heater core and which hose is the exit?
I want to change the rear end fluid in my 2002 2wd long bed 1500 Silverado. Does anyone know if there is a special additive or friction modifier that GM requires when changing the fluid? Can I just refill it standar...
today my truck stopped showing on the dashboard what gear I was in.When I was in park it would show I was in reverse and when you put it in park the doors are supposed to automatically unlock and they don't now. Any t...
My 2002 chev. 1500 truck has a 2003 Escallade rear end in it... The rear Universal Joint needs replacing, will the 2002 chevy ujoint fit/work... or do i use one for 2003...?
i cannot shift my truck into park. a coworker said something about a nuetral sensor. what do you think.
Average price for replacing oil pump?
Whats the best way to remove the heat shield to access the spark plugs and should they be re-installed after.
How due you remove heater hoses from heater coil at the fire wall