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replaced my transfer case moyor, four days later. i lose all power and to my switch and truck is stuck in 2 wheel drive.
car has sitting over a year replaced fuel pump used a cheap ignition tester have spark at all plugs, replaced cap and rotor wires and plugs, coil, coolent level drooped enough for light to come on
H02s-11 ( Bank 1 Sensor 1 Heater circuit malfunction)
My heat will not turn off even when it is turned to ac.
after all procedures & repairs completed will it pass w/ the above mention.
the vibration is when we pass over a hole on a road or etc.
the chevy dealers here don't seem to know. I need parts!!!
it went from getting 18 to 19 mpg. down to around 12 mpg. has anybody had this happen and found what caused it?
This used too happen once or twice a year now its every day.
Wont crank until you hold down key for 30 secs? Is also draining battery.
nothing wrong with the stock cover,I got a chrome cover & chrome bolts for xmas
for seveal months, my low fuel light has been going on and off even though i have a full tank of gas. now my check enging light keeps going on and off. i took it to auto zone and they put the machine on it and the cod...