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This just happened today and I checked fuelpump and is good and starter is also good. I was driving and the truck just stopped and would not restart and had tons of gas. What would cause this maybe some kind of igniti...
wheel appears to be rusty under the beauty rim and is forcing it away.cannotreinstall the cap
My gear selector light on my instrument panel will shut off or dim really bad faint when the brake pedal is applied. After releasing the peddle it will either stay dim or stay off or come right back on bright as it sh...
I have replaced bulbs and the headlight swith in the dash. I hear this is a fairly common problem most often attributed to the switch, but that didn't solve the problems. Does anyone have a suggestion?
the truck is acting like its shifting into 4 wheel drive as driving and turning. Ground cleaned and switch replaced new switch acts the same lights act up but the new switch did shift transfer case
Could this be reason for my truck to not get up and go like it should? And for my steering to act really weird? I don't know anything about vehicle problems and would like to get this resolved. And also not get played...
Was driving stsrted running rough when I hit gas it would die now wont start but tries to please help