The air cond will run and for no apparent reason will turn off including fan motor on all speeds and then a few minutes later will turn back on

changed plugs,fuel filter, o2 sensors, air filter, cleaned MAF sensors, dist.cap rotor, plug wires, seafoam, techron, runs better when I unplug the MAF sensor, but it shifts hard when I do that. someone suggested the cats are restricted

If I replace the key ignition from plug in out will this fix the problem. It will start and run for two seconds and die.

I need step by step instructions on how to replace an A/C Evaporator on a 2000 100 Extended Cab Chevrolet Silverado.

2001 Silverado 4.3 ticks bad upon start up or if started after cooling down. Once warmed up ticking goes away. How do I fix or find the problem

Service Engine light came on and the code was P0440, I think.

stalled out night before, went down and jump it and started up and he drove it home next night did the same thing took battery back and got a new one (only 6 months old)light still flashing the alternator appears to be working ,its putting out some juice, all the fuses appear to be ok

so far i replaced,water pump,and thermostat.