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trying to remove and replace the fuel line assemply runs from tank to injectors
all four wheel on the ground it fell lick the transfer case is still on 4 hi
I see the spider gears wore out but no other damage so trying to get by inexpensive as possible
is there an auxiliary water pump
More acceleration and the truck goes forward, however not like all the other forward gears. Its not immediate,why?
After the truck gets warm, the "low coolant" indicator light comes on. Is this an indication that the water pump is going out?
No key in ignition and not turned on at all. I don't remember ever seeing this stay on. Also batt has been repleaced 2 months ago. Mileage is 210k
I've looked everywhere on the internet and came across at least 50 different answers, none of which matched. Please give me one answer that makes sense!!! Also along with p0410 came, secondary air injection system ma...
I just replaced the switch and actuater with no success,is there a relay, in line fuse???what are the fuses labeled in the underhood "electrical center"??? that pertain to the 4wd system,,what component is in line bef...
4wd 2000 chevy silverado stuck 4wd.replaced switch,& accuator-no power2stepmotor
When engine on I see SECURITY indicate in dash.
i checked the gear shift column and found an orange wire and it seemed lose so i tugged on it and came loose was that disconnecting it and if so will it hurt anything
first i noticed that my tails light stayed on when my truck was off. i desconnected the battery and reconnnected than the light when off. after a while this trick didn't work anymore my tails light are always on even ...