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I have a 2000 silverado 5.3 4 wheel drive and i just replaced all ball joints tie rod ends pit man arm and idler arm and ass with all new bushings upper and lower control arms end links and sway bar. i have gotten eve...
Problems began with AM/FM not getting reception, then service 4-wheel drive light came on(intermittently, goes off after truck is turned off), then truck blew mega-fuse for power doors, radio began getting reception a...
I replaced the switch, did not work, all fuses are good, I notice the lights flash on anitial start up of the vehicle, no codes came up on the scanner, what do you recommend?
checked oil filter and plug looks like oil pan seal how hard to replace
My battery died so I checked my charging system and found out that my alternator died as well. new battery and new alternator but my battery light on my dash is still on. charging system is working. Cant figure out wh...
I can hear the fuel injectors when I try and turn the car over but nothing else. I also tried to give my truck a jump and still nothing heard but the fuel injectors. Lights do come, radio, etc.
When I turn it on the 4x4 hi light flashes on my dash and then turns off and it never locks in. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
what years are interchangeable with a 2000 chevy silverado 4x4 Z71
I have replaced the transmission thinking it was bad so I bought a new one still had the same issue. I took that used trans back and bought another thinking maybe I had bad luck and bought a bad one. After the second ...
will not flash to relearn new key as well engine will not crank what should we do next?
.steering is loose an pulls to the left an rite is not consistant
Warm starts difficult. have to push down on peddle to start. I replaced the throttle censer. New gas filter, new air filter. New gas pump. Really uses a lot of gas.
have electronic door locks, Will not open from inside or outside, key does not work. was able to partially remove inside door panel and checked both horizontal rods which seem to be intact. checked fuses ( seem ok ).
trying to remove and replace the fuel line assemply runs from tank to injectors
all four wheel on the ground it fell lick the transfer case is still on 4 hi