2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions

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For the last 8 months, my truck has not run. If it cranks it will not staying running. Its as if there is no fuel getting to the motor. I have been told that there was a recall. Can't find where to find my answers.

will my 2000 chevy 1500 custom pickup,(has cadillac escalade front end),
with vortec v8 engine, pull my 30' bumper-pull mallard camper trailer 1000
miles?..thinking interstate 40 for most of trip from kentucky to arizona..there are mountains..

My husbands truck just shuts off at like random times he says it shuts off on the highway on his way to work no power of nothing we checked the fuel pump that seems fine we replaced the crank censor and air mass censor the icm new plugs new wires checked all fuel lines nothing is working I also seen on Google lots of people have the same issues and can never figure it out kinda wish we never got this truck last two weeks it has shut off at least 10 times while driving a 20 minute distance

It has a rough idle at cold temperatures (below 10°F), I tried replacing the pcv valve and fuel line filter, as well as checked the air intake sensor, and the problem still exists. Any suggestions??

it idles normal then slow then back to normal? and when I stop it wants to l like lunge forward? I have to hold the brakes! 5.3 ltr engine v8. my dtc code says faulty knocking sensors? not sure if there is something else wrong before replacing sensors never had this issue before?

When I turn the key to start, all power/electrical cuts off. As if the battery disconnects.

check engine light came on code read MAF sensor, before replacing was going to clean it what am i looking for exactly, and best way to clean?

Previous owner used mobil 1 5w30 full synthetic and defense brand filter. Is it ok if I switched oil brands? Like quaker state 5w30 full synthetic? Its about $5 cheaper cause I have to buy separate 1qt bottle due to truck taking nearly 6qts

Code came up for fuel pressure regulator, so I replaced that, an autozone recommended changing fuel filter. Connections are pretty rusty, n I do not have flare wrenches. Could I just leave it n have a shop deal with it? I'd hate to twist or strip fittings.

No issues with the engine, just curious. I run Mobil 1 5w 30 that what previous owner used. Can I switch and still have quality oil?

Replaced resistor for blower motor, cause only highest setting worked. It worked fine after that, week later same problem. Now what ?

Service manual says for my model year resistor an relay are assembled together so entire unit gets replaced. How hard to do. What am I looking for? I'd like to buy correct fitting part before tearing everything apart

Blower did make noise on settings 1-4 so I assume it was ready to go anyway.

And it makes no difference weather the temperature selector is set to heat or ac