We replaced the battery first then alternator n starter. Still does the same thing. Amp meter on dash don't show more than 13. Alternator is charging. Where are the ground straps located on a 99 silverado 1500 4x4 LT. 5.3 L. I'm stumped. Unstump me please. Thanks

bulb was bad still no work put right side bulbs in left side they work?? Right side bulbs lite but do not blink green turn indicator on dash is lit

I just replaced a fuel pump in my truck, and within a week got a check engine light. Scan says error code P0171 & P0174, which shows bank 1 & 2 fuel system too lean. Could this error be related to my recent fuel pump replacement?

Never had this issue with the truck or any other vehicle before. While at idle in traffic, intermittently the engine will start to pulse between roughly 500 rpm's and nearly none. The pulsing will start off minimal but grow to the point that it will finally die. I can throw it into park and restart it no problem, but the pulsing continues. Otherwise I have no problems with the engine while driving. I have noticed that it only seems to do this when in gear, not when in park.

When the truck is put in reverse it stalls ocasionally it will stall at an idel

The new ICM had an orange wire installed with it as the old one did not

a c and heater only comes out the bottom will not come out vents

replaced the evapo vent solenoid and purge valve. code still comes back

1999 Chevy silverado 5.3, turn the key for 4 secions then release it wait a few secons turn the key again and it starts.
What could cause this?

Starts just fine, if it goes into gear it will only go a little ways then stops going and just revs up. I turn it off for a little bit it's does the same thing again. Starts goes into gear, goes just a little ways down the road and then stops going and just revs up won't go any further.