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Last winter parked my vehicle first outside, then inside, vehicle sat for a while, wouldn't start. put treatment in gas, still wouldn't fire. Bought some parts to change out, debating on junking the car out. Bought a ...
I have replaced most vacuum lines but the line from the carb to the vapor canister when I take it off it does not change anything no difference?
it hits really hard like it has a shift kit maybe i just purchased it a week ago
My truck is a Chevrolet s10 it has a new cluch but the other day I was driveing. And when I went to shift the cluch had no Presser and went straight to the floor I'm not sure what it is but I have the tools an everyth...
im changing the bumper on my truck and cant find where the arm brackets attach to my truck...help please
My truck will shift into park, drive, reverse, etc, but it gets stuck in 2nd gear when you try to drive down the road. You have to punch it to get it that far, we discovered that while trying to limp it home.
i put the heat or air up on high and it barely blows out the vents. i don't k now what causes this
I need to know why when I put it in 4x4 Low, it will not move when put back in drive.
I have to back up before my 4x4 engages/
THe digital dash is not working, this may be the problem. Would like to check it.
We tried a fuse, but thats not the problem.
I am having trouble removing the cylinder head.Does each come off on its own? Or do they come off together?