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I love this car, no problems otherwise.
When i speed up the ticking sound gets louder and it stays a constint sound ticking when its stopped. It now having trouble speeding up also. When i herd this i hurryed home not even 5 min from the house the car died ...
Once this car gets up some speed it does fine but once you slow down for a stop sign or light it idles rough. There has been many things changed. New fuel pump and filter, new coil packs, Mass Air Flow, & new oxygen s...
The car is making noises, Air cond is cracking and metal shavings.
Just bought this car new. Check Engine Light came on OBDII PO420 (indicating inlet/outlet readings out of range.) So what's the most common cause of this particular failure? O2 sensor(s) bad? Catalytic converter bad? ...
I sprayed carb cleaner on it, started, engine light is off. took to auto zone & codes P0300 and P0171. What should I repair,if the light is off? I don't want to put alot of $ into if not needed. But, don't want to get...
P300 code at times, replaced spark plugs and ignition coils. Started after Toyota did timing cover reseal by one of their reprimanded mechanics.
OBD MD Emissions test type. KOEO result failure. MIL Command Status Failure. Why is this causing my test to not pass? Is it something simple that I can fix myself. Thanks.
I could not find CAM Actuator Valve replacement on list of repair options.
The fuse is a 15. Would appreciate suggestions on how to fix, so I can charge my cell in the car.
Ever since my wife drove her car down our street during a storm, her motor sputters upon accelleration, and shakes when idle. Changed spark plugs & still no luck. Any ideas?
parking lights will not go off unless you take battery cable off.