Pouring fuel into the engine

when trying to pick up speed or even on highway going up hill engine revs up then let off the gas and then push gas again and it will catch this is a 5 speed

This is going to be used to charge phone and video cameras.

I bought both right and left front vendors, cause of the bottom of both of them are rotted away. would a garage put them on and how would it cost?

When turning left, the blinker won't run the same as if turning right blinker, also it sounds like it's going 100 mph

I bought the car a month ago and noticed right away that the steering wheel was angled to the right almost 30 degrees. If I let go of the wheel it immediately pulls hard left. It also makes a sound like its grinding or rattling. When I make left turns, even very slowly, it sounds like I'm squealing out. I've been told this is probably just a tie rod and alignment. The tires are fine and have good tread. What other possibilities could it be do you think?

Clip looks to be in good condition and according to local parts store gas cap is not a vented one.

I love this car, no problems otherwise.

When i speed up the ticking sound gets louder and it stays a constint sound ticking when its stopped. It now having trouble speeding up also. When i herd this i hurryed home not even 5 min from the house the car died and i had to restart it. i was thinking it was the front crankshaft seal needing to be replace alond with the timing cover gasket but im not sure if that is the ticking sound.

Once this car gets up some speed it does fine but once you slow down for a stop sign or light it idles rough. There has been many things changed. New fuel pump and filter, new coil packs, Mass Air Flow, & new oxygen sensors. Engine light is on also. Please help!

The car is making noises, Air cond is cracking and metal shavings.

Just bought this car new. Check Engine Light came on OBDII PO420 (indicating inlet/outlet readings out of range.) So what's the most common cause of this particular failure? O2 sensor(s) bad? Catalytic converter bad? Ethanol fuel (need ECM 'flashed'?)
Don't want to just throw money at this problem - fixed my '94 Prizm with advice off of here (coil in distributor failing) so hoping somebody here had run into this enough to at least point me in the right direction - DIY (don't really trust too many shops, don't have the money, don't have the time...worked in them 35 years!)
Thank you so much for your time!