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I would like to replace the struts the rear struts on a 2000 Chevy Prizm but I cannot figure out where to take the nuts off at
car was running fine. now wont crank, new battery, new fuel pump.
But the car will turn on..... and I rather save money then go take it to a shop... what to do?
will a 2001 Overdrive transmission bolt into a 2000 car with the non-Overdrive automatic? If so, are any shifter or computer changes needed. Any special instructions for pulling the engine from the top? Thanks
need emission system quote 600 dollars/toyota engin
how change 2000 cheve prizm emission control system vent
a/c compressor blew a seal need a good used compressor
Does anyone know how to fix the air conditioner in a 2000 Chevy Prizm? I live in Arizona and it's been getting really Hot 110 ° F Does anyone know if I can fix the problem?
Check engine light came on in April, had oxygen sensor replaced after receiving scan from Troubleshooting : PO171, then had fuel pump replaced after diagnostic from Chevy Dealer said need new fuel pump because of low ...
where can I buy a used compressor
my car air condition is not working because all of the freon came out where can i get it repaired