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Ok, I have replaced the water pump temp sensor radiator and thermostat. Flushed the system several times and now its ticking.what is going on??? The dash is below 0. It doesn't work. What is wrong with my car? The fan...
I went to my friend who is a mechanic he checked the fuses, sensor and the bulbs. Nothing he did fixed we are both at a loss at this point. Looking for some suggestions
after running on the highway for 8-10 miles--when slowing down tomake a turn the car shuts off---but will immediately turn on when I pit it in neutral or park--what up
2005 monte carlo recall ignition switch-dealer says they can change switch but I will have to buy key lock cylinder--would not recall be responsible for this?
The car would not start again, even with a jump. All the lights were still bright.
it is only wet behind the passenger seat on the floorboard ! nothing was spilled ? could it be a drain plug and road rain splashing up into the car via floor ?
unhhoked and re hooked the battery and car wont start but theres no security light on just the battery light
I have a 2005 Monte Carlo. V6, Auto. My speedometer does not work.
When at a steady driving rate, I get a slight jerking, and when accelerating (uphill or on the flat) it will jerk more, like it is shifting in and out of overdrive. Goes away when the tranny shift down into 3rd (or a ...
It's not leaking - just looks very rusted compared to everything else under the car. But I would think it must be very thick metal...? Maybe it's not unusual. I thought 3800's were bullet proof. Local shop recommended...
I had water pump and elbows replaced, right after, it started leaking.