2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Questions

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When I turn on the heat I have a strong gas smell.

Static comes through speakers with radio off

Changed thermostat,water pump,head gaskets,manifold gaskets,valve cover gaskets intake gaskets,radiator flush, still running hot...

Driving car and the RPM's show between 5 and 6. Car seems to shift gears okay.

Problem just started today car just leaked from under car

Sometimes it hardly moves and other times will go all the way to 140mph

I asked this of everyone, including manual, repairman, etc. I discovered by myself, that when I left the turn indicator on, it started CHIMING!

It happens at random times even when the car is off and I open the door.

Ok, I have replaced the water pump temp sensor radiator and thermostat. Flushed the system several times and now its ticking.what is going on??? The dash is below 0. It doesn't work. What is wrong with my car? The fans work