power widows/ motor keeps breaking.
On both sides, have replaced 4 times and just went out again on drivers side.. it is hard for me to believe I have the only 2003 monte carlo with this problem. Get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you, Mrs. Johnson

Passenger lays flat when I step on gas.

Cars been having over heating problems found a broken black hard hose looks like it had a red o ring seal but can't tell where the other end goes to .anyone know what that hard plastic hose goes to

Hard plastic piece down below I was told the belt tightner snapped off I guess

When the Service Vehicle Soon service light come up the day-running lights turns off and headlights turns on. Also, the display of the gears and radio dimmed a lot. This happen intermittent when I turn the car on or when driving. The car computer shows no code. Any ideas.

The indicator lights next to the fan speed control and the recirculated or intake air are dim. Think it might have something to do with the switches but not sure. Almost like it has a short somewhere but I'm not sure where to look.

Still have check engine light and loud noise in engine. Light is solid until 30 MPH then flashes. Thinking low compression in cylinder but what is the culprit and estimated cost for repair?

What is it called

i bought my car 2 weeks ago off of Craig's list and the owners of the car don't want to help me out by telling me what's wrong with my car. All they told me was that if the car turned off on me that it was okay to give it about 10 minutes before starting her up again. They told me there was a kill switch on the car that if the car turned off on me that it was okay to give it ten minutes and to have all the doors closed and the battery fully charged and to hold the small key that came to it and it should off fired up but the car doesn't want to turn on