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i bought my car 2 weeks ago off of Craig's list and the owners of the car don't want to help me out by telling me what's wrong with my car. All they told me was that if the car turned off on me that it was okay to ...
I have 183000 miles on the car. It is strong with a good engine but when I takeoff or pick up speed it jumps a little .What to do?
Ive replaced catalytic converter motor radiator hoses thermostat (twice) axle abs modulator fuel pressure regulator fuel pump and fuel filter and the car still stalls. Please help me!!!
Had my system scanned because the service trac light came on as well as the tracoff and abs lights. Was told it was a bad sensor which is in the hub. Replaced the hub. How do I reset the lights
Just need to know the size of belt I put on
I just want to know if it will screw anything up without it
it happen everyday now but at times won't depending on how I let up off the pedal had fuel pump and fuel filter replaced wasn't the problem bought sea form for injectors helped but still not taking off when giving gas...
While driving it'll randomly shut down on me, Whenever my sensor is connected it conks out one me but it'll start back up like 2 minutes later and then it'll shut down again. I took it to get smogged and it said that ...