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ke my granddaughter was out and about car over heated someone stopped to help her and they took the heater hoses loose i can,t see where the hoses connect to the engine where does the intake connect to engine and wher...
smoke is come in the vents from the motor , it's starts but there to much smoke coming in from the vents and from under the hood
The engine was powerwashed a couple of months ago and these wires are turning green with corrosion. How long do I have before I need sevice?
The check engine light is on, and when it dies it may not restart for an hour or longer. It starts puttering at stops, and eventually dies altogether.
when you crank it and let it idle it bigins to surge and try to die
I was stopped at a stop sign and when I tried to take off, I heard a loud pop and the engine reved but the car didnt move. I tried to accelerate again but the car still didnt move, the engine just kept reving up. I pu...
The repair shop said it was a fuse but we checked all the fuses and they all turned out to be good. Please help.
1996 monto carlo z34 v6 3.4 dohc
my front left turn signal and my right rear turn signals work and my driving lights work but nothing else what could the issue be also my driver side window wont go up at all now
I have a 96 monte carlo. It make a loud thumping sound at about 50 to 60 mph. When i turn to the right it goes away. Could this be a wheel bearing or maybe a bad tire?
i had to put a new battery in, went to get emissions, paid once, and they said i need to do a drive cycle. already drove 110 miles, but they said it may not work. i need to do the drive cycle.