This happens when in drive at a red light or in park

My engine light came on for a few days, then it went off, and after 2 weeks its back on again.

stop working and the turning indicators stop working also and this is while driving.

Drivers side just stop

My 2009 Chevy HHR panel light will start to blink,along with the Abs light,then the car will just shut off on it's own. after 5 mins. or so it will start back up with no problem. This is dangerous because I don't want to be on the highway when this starts. Took it to the dealer and they can't find the problem because it will not do it for them. but I have been having this problem at least once a month. Help!!!!!!

Sounds like the starter is not engaging.the wire on the top outside face of the starter solenoid smokes a lil when i try it.all fuses are good and pushed in all the way in both fuse thinking the starter solenoid is bad but how do you tell?

I was sitting in the drive-through and my check engine light came on why?

My dimmer switch is not the problem sometimes I can turn my headlights on and the panel will light up and other times it won't so will somebody please tell me what it is

Has a pioneer radio system can someone please let me know

My 2009 started driving like the engine was hesitating or shaky or like the rpms were fluctuating (it's hard to describe). We tried a tune up: new plugs, new cabin and engine filters, and oil change and filter, none of this helped. We did a scan and got these codes: $7E8:engine and $7EA and 'a camshaft position actuator/ open bank 1' message. (I know, not the usual codes that come up..most start with other letters) Check engine light has been on also. It happens all the time, although worse at times and barely at other times. Please help us. Hopefully it's something we can fix ourselves.

I am selling it. The sunroof will not close electronically. I had it closed manually. When I sell it, I will either have it fixed or hopefully offer to subtract that from the asking price. Can you give an approximate cost from a very simple problem to something large such as replacing the motor?