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This car will start when and wire is ran from the starter wire but it will not start from the ignition. I checked all fuses they were good, checked the starter relay it was good what else could be the problem ?
My coolant level started rising to 235 when I would be at an idle, now the water temperature gauge is moving pass the half way mark, but when I feel the top of my hood it is cool and I do not smell that 'radiator smel...
Pressure light came on today it read --LF34 PSI got home then it say 32 34 for the pressure now it says 32 65
I have checked it several times at different times. How do I turn it off? Where do I turn it off?
My CAR are vibate and long I put gas to it it run find soon I get off the gas I here a knocking sound to my car do I have enough oil in my car
When finally engaged 1min approx , shifts normal all gears after 20km. Will climb steep grade at 20km with no slip. Replaced both shift and pressure soleniods, filter and fluid 6 . Still- reverse engage and full torqu...
Is there a diagnostic code that I can look at that would fix this problem?
Is this on the fender well or on the engine somewhere?
If it slipped is it cheaper? If it was thrown and caused other issues, what is the extreme high side of the repair.
happens when driving over rough road no sounds on smouth roads